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2011, 8 Pages. Written and drawn by Jon Cairns, colored by Renee Keyes and Ray Bruweldeheide for the NOBODIES, Vol 1 anthology, published by DRAWMORE, INC.

Nobodies Vol 1 Cover

In the distant future, Earth is gone by our hand. Before it became completely inhospitable, humanity took to space, clinging to the giant generation ships built by the Earth's elite. Have-nots entered into feudal relationships with the wealthy ship owners in order to secure a spot off of the planet for themselves and, if possible, a few family members. After hundreds of generations, the ships still search for a new place to call home as their ships fall apart around them.

The Nostromo III, owned and operated by Virrey Philip Fèlix Sunil IV and the burgeoning overclass making up house Patel-Fuentes have detected a rare Dyson Organism--a massive spacebound plant strapped between two captured asteroids--in the ship's flight path. He must convince the irreverent plant to take his kingdom on as its guardian, or die in space.

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Philip floats through the inner space of the Dyson Organism.