Untitled SF:
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SF is sometimes Not Safe For Work due to language, violence, sex and/or those in any combination. It's got a lot of queer in it, too. To read online, click on the chapter images or titles. To read offline, click one of the download buttons.

Chapter 1, a self-contained ecosystem

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Chapter 2, μg materials science

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Chapter 3, wstyd

➢ NEXT CHAPTER: Workin' on it.

Untitled SF is a series of interconnected short stories I draw to scratch a couple itches at once: writing and drawing science fiction, experimenting with narrative, layouts and panels, doing romance comics, and taking a break from more serious, or at least more finished work. The series itself has no title (yet?), but the individual chapters do.

The goal of Untitled SF is for each chapter to be relatively self-contained, with characters and events overlapping as necessary. I make them with the goal of printing in mind--photocopier-made minicomics first, with maybe/hopefully a really Japanese tankōbon after there's enough of it drawn.

Since it's a break from more lucrative work, Untitled SF has no set schedule, so when there's more of it, there's more of it.

I sell it as little booklet minicomics at conventions for a couple bucks apiece. This here's the bootleg scan version.