The Only Thing I’m Really Afraid of is the Thought of Dying Here Alone and Forgotten 09

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  1. MoniBolis

    What an interesting narration

  2. Iodine 9
    Iodine 9

    I’m really enjoying this entire comic and I’m really looking forward to an update.

    • Jon Cairns

      Renee got hammered with a really big project at the start of the year, and it’s been monopolizing her time. Once that’s done she’ll be able to get back to this (and coloring my pages after it)! Sorry about the delay, and thanks for your patience!

      We haven’t forgotten about y’all!

  3. N1

    Your work is remarkable. This is the only non-comedy webcomic I still come to visit years after I found it.

  4. kpong

    Caught up again! So can’t wait for more. So… this is a short story of sorts? a side bar to the usual narrative?

  5. Daniel

    Is this dead? I figure it might be but a little bit of hopeless hope gets through once in a while. Either way, you guys have done great work and I loved every second of Alpha Flag. It would be pretty funny if the comic died on this storyline though.

  6. Mister Ghosty

    I really friggin hope you two both still plan to work on this. I can wait as many years as it takes. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate everything you’ve done so far, and I’m going to keep checking back forever.

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